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Harmful Algal Bloom Report Form

Please use the form below to provide information about the suspected or confirmed algal bloom and any related human or animal illnesses. Only questions marked with bold text and an asterisk are required. Please provide as much information as possible to assist us in investigating the bloom.

Submit Form: Click the submit button at the end of the form to send the information. You will be provided an Incident Tracking ID number.

Photos: This form will not support the upload of photographs. After you submit the form, please send bloom photographs and any additional information to and reference your Incident Tracking ID number.

Questions: If you have questions or concerns please contact the HAB Hotline:
Email:; Phone: 1-844-729-6466 (toll free).

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Waterbody Information
Report Type ():
Incident ID from previous report, if known:
Waterbody Name and Nearest Landmark ()
(e.g. Sacramento River near Tower Bridge)
Latitude (decimal)
If you have more information about the area of concern, you may attach more information to the email provided after you submit the report. (e.g. shape files, KML files, additional coordinates, etc.)
Longitude (decimal):
NAD27, NAD83, WGS84, unknown
Coordinates were taken from:

Or Nearest Landmark:
Contact Information
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Algal Bloom Information
Date of Algal Bloom Observation ():
Will you be sending pictures? ()
Were there any signs posted about the algal bloom?
If Yes, please describe the sign(s):
Please estimate the size, shape, or extent of the algal bloom.
For example "smaller than sedan, between a tennis court and a sedan, between a football field and tennis court, larger than football field, whole water body(if pond or lake), or approximate miles of river."
Describe the location of the algal bloom ()
(e.g. at boat dock, along shore/beach, center of lake)
Describe any color(s) and texture(s) you see in the algal bloom
(e.g. green, yellow, red, brown, white, clumps, foam, spilled paint, cottage cheese, grass clippings, etc.)

Visit our Visual Guide to Observing Blooms for more information on the types of blooms you may encounter.
Describe any odor(s) you associated with the algal bloom
(e.g. fishy, rotten, septic, earthy, etc.)
Were any other agencies notified?
If Yes, please list who was notified:
Do you know of any drinking water intakes near the algal bloom? ()

Did you observe people or pets in contact with the water? ()
If Yes, please describe:
Illness Information
Are you aware of any adverse effects to the following (please check all that apply)
Human Illness Symptoms: sore throat, congestion, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, red or itchy skin or a rash, skin blisters or hives, earache or irritated eyes, diarrhea, vomiting, agitation, headache, abdominal pain.

Animal Illness Symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy or general weakness, difficulty breathing, foaming at the mouth, muscle twitching, convulsions, death.
Illness Death
Fish or Wildlife:
If any of the boxes are checked, please provide more information
Describe the illness, date of suspected contact, date illness detected, veterinarian contact information, etc.
Water Quality Information
Were samples taken? ()
If Yes, what types of samples; when and where were they collected; where were they sent for analysis?
Please include the contact information for sample results if different than above.
Are there any field measurement results available now?
(e.g. field strip kit, field tube kit, field microscope, etc.)

If Yes, please describe the method used and the results.
Are there any laboratory analysis results available now?
(e.g. toxin analysis, taxonomic or genetic identification, other water quality measurements)

If Yes, please describe the method used and the results.
You may attach laboratory reports, spreadsheets, or other documents to the email provided after submitting the report.
Water Body Management
If known, list all organizations with jurisdiction over the water body and surrounding land:
Which Regional Water Board jurisdiction is the water body? (See Pop Up) ()
If you manage the water body, have warnings been posted? When and what tier?
caution, warning, danger, or closure

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