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Friday, June 2, 2023

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AccesstoWaterbody_HeavyVegetation NoNo
AccesstoWaterbody_HeavyVegetation YesYes
Acid Mine Drainage Extent1 
Acid Mine Drainage Extent2 
Acid Mine Drainage Extent3 
Acid Mine Drainage ExtentNot Recorded 
Acid Mine Drainage Intensity1 
Acid Mine Drainage Intensity2 
Acid Mine Drainage Intensity3 
Acid Mine Drainage IntensityNot Recorded 
Acid Mine Drainage Proximity100-200m 
Acid Mine Drainage Proximity1-5m 
Acid Mine Drainage Proximity50-100m 
Acid Mine Drainage Proximity5-50m 
Acid Mine Drainage ProximityIn Channel 
Acid Mine Drainage ProximityNot Present 
Acid Mine Drainage ProximityNot Recorded 
Aesthetic Condition11 - Optimal
Aesthetic Condition1010 - Sub-Optimal
Aesthetic Condition1111 - Marginal
Aesthetic Condition1212 - Marginal
Aesthetic Condition1313 - Marginal
Aesthetic Condition1414 - Marginal
Aesthetic Condition1515 - Marginal
Aesthetic Condition1616 - Poor
Aesthetic Condition1717 - Poor
Aesthetic Condition1818 - Poor
Aesthetic Condition1919 - Poor
Aesthetic Condition22 - Optimal
Aesthetic Condition2020 - Poor
Aesthetic Condition33 - Optimal
Aesthetic Condition44 - Optimal
Aesthetic Condition55 - Optimal
Aesthetic Condition66 - Sub-Optimal
Aesthetic Condition77 - Sub-Optimal
Aesthetic Condition88 - Sub-Optimal
Aesthetic Condition99 - Sub-Optimal
Age_Pond>51 years>51 years
Age_Pond0-1 years0-1 years
Age_Pond11-20 years11-20 years
Age_Pond21-50 years21-50 years
Age_Pond2-5 years2-5 years
Age_Pond6-10 years6-10 years
Age_PondNaturalNatural; cannot determine pond age
Age_PondNot RecordedNot Recorded
Agricultural Other Extent1 
Agricultural Other Extent2 
Agricultural Other Extent3 
Agricultural Other ExtentNot Recorded 
Agricultural Other Intensity1 
Agricultural Other Intensity2 
Agricultural Other Intensity3 
Agricultural Other IntensityNot Recorded 
Agricultural Other Proximity100-200m 
Agricultural Other Proximity1-5m 
Agricultural Other Proximity50-100m 
Agricultural Other Proximity5-50m 
Agricultural Other ProximityIn Channel 
Agricultural Other ProximityNot Present 
Agricultural Other ProximityNot Recorded 
Agricultural Runoff Extent1 
Agricultural Runoff Extent2 
Agricultural Runoff Extent3 
Agricultural Runoff ExtentNot Recorded 
Agricultural Runoff Intensity1 
Agricultural Runoff Intensity2 
Agricultural Runoff Intensity3 
Agricultural Runoff IntensityNot Recorded 
Agricultural Runoff Proximity100-200m 
Agricultural Runoff Proximity1-5m 
Agricultural Runoff Proximity50-100m 
Agricultural Runoff Proximity5-50m 
Agricultural Runoff ProximityIn Channel 
Agricultural Runoff ProximityNot Present 
Agricultural Runoff ProximityNot Recorded 
Air Traffic Extent1 
Air Traffic Extent2 
Air Traffic Extent3 
Air Traffic ExtentNot Recorded 
Air Traffic Intensity1 
Air Traffic Intensity2 
Air Traffic Intensity3 
Air Traffic IntensityNot Recorded 
Air Traffic Proximity100-200m 
Air Traffic Proximity1-5m 
Air Traffic Proximity50-100m 
Air Traffic Proximity5-50m 
Air Traffic ProximityIn Channel 
Air Traffic ProximityNot Present 
Air Traffic ProximityNot Recorded 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Extent1 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Extent2 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Extent3 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth ExtentNot Recorded 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Intensity1 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Intensity2 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Intensity3 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth IntensityNot Recorded 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Proximity100-200m 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Proximity1-5m 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Proximity50-100m 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth Proximity5-50m 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth ProximityIn Channel 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth ProximityNot Present 
Algal/Surface Mats/Benthic Algal Growth ProximityNot Recorded 
Angling PressureHHigh
Angling PressureLLow
Angling PressureMMedium
Angling PressureNoneNone
Angling PressureNot RecordedNot Recorded
Animal Burrows Extent1 
Animal Burrows Extent2 
Animal Burrows Extent3 
Animal Burrows ExtentNot Recorded 
Animal Burrows Intensity1 
Animal Burrows Intensity2 
Animal Burrows Intensity3 
Animal Burrows IntensityNot Recorded 
Animal Burrows Proximity100-200m 
Animal Burrows Proximity1-5m 
Animal Burrows Proximity50-100m 
Animal Burrows Proximity5-50m 
Animal Burrows ProximityIn Channel 
Animal Burrows ProximityNot Present 
Animal Burrows ProximityNot Recorded 
AnimalPresenceBirdsincludes evidence of shorebirds, waterfowl, migratory, etc.
AnimalPresenceBirds,DomesticsBirds,Domestics evidance present
AnimalPresenceBirds,Domestics,WildlifeBirds,Domestics,Wildlife evidance present
AnimalPresenceBirds,WildlifeBirds,Wildlife evidance present
AnimalPresenceDomesticsincludes evidence of cows, horses, feral cats, sheep, etc.
AnimalPresenceDomestics,WildlifeDomestics,Wildlife evidance present
AnimalPresenceNot RecordedNot Recorded
AnimalPresenceWildlifeWildlife: includes evidence of frogs, fish deer, elk, etc.
ATVs Extent1 
ATVs Extent2 
ATVs Extent3 
ATVs ExtentNot Recorded 
ATVs Intensity1 
ATVs Intensity2 
ATVs Intensity3 
ATVs IntensityNot Recorded 
ATVs Proximity100-200m 
ATVs Proximity1-5m 
ATVs Proximity50-100m 
ATVs Proximity5-50m 
ATVs ProximityIn Channel 
ATVs ProximityNot Present 
ATVs ProximityNot Recorded 
Back WaterNNo
Back WaterNot RecordedNot Recorded
Back WaterYYes
Bank AngleMModerate (30-90 degree) bank angle from wetted edge to bankfull height
Bank AngleNot RecordedNot Recorded
Bank AngleSShallow (<30 degree) bank angle from wetted edge to bankfull height
Bank AngleUUndercut (>90 degree) bank angle from wetted edge to bankfull height
Bank CoverAArmored bank: boulders or non-living wood protecting bank
Bank CoverNot RecordedNot Recorded
Bank CoverOOpen or exposed bank soils usually composed of fines or sand
Bank CoverVbVegetated bank with bushes/shrubs
Bank CoverVgVegetated bank with grasses
Bank CoverVtVegetated bank with trees
Bank StabilityErodederoded
Bank StabilityNot RecordedNot Recorded
Bank StabilityStablestable
Bank StabilityVulnerablevulnerable
Bar PresentNNo
Bar PresentNot RecordedNot Recorded
Bar PresentYYes
BeaufortScale0Calm, Sea like a mirror (0-1 mph; 0-1 kts)
BeaufortScale1Light Air, Ripples with the appearance of scales are formed but without foam crests (1-3 mph; 1-3 kts)
BeaufortScale2Light Breeze, Small wavelets, still short but more pronounced. Crests have glassy appearance and do not break (4-7 mph; 4-6 kts)
BeaufortScale3Gentle Breeze, Large wavelets. Crests begin to break. Foam of glassy appearance. Perhaps scattered white horses (8-12 mph; 7-10 kts)
BeaufortScale4Moderate Breeze, Small waves, becoming larger. Fairly frequent white horses (13-18 mph; 11-16 kts)
BeaufortScale5Fresh Breeze, Moderate waves, taking more pronounced long form, many white horses are formed (19-24 mph; 17-21 kts)
BeaufortScale6Strong Breeze, Large waves begin to form; the white foam crests are more extensive everywhere (25-31 mph; 22-27 kts)
BeaufortScale7Near Gale, Sea heaps up and white foam from breaking waves begins to be blown in streaks along the direction of the wind (32-38 mph; 28-33 kts)
BeaufortScale8Gale, Moderately high waves of greater length; edges of crests begin to break into spindrift. Foam is blown in well-marked streaks along the direction of the wind. (39-46 mph; 34-40 kts)
BeaufortScaleNot RecordedNot Recorded
Beaver Flow ModificationsMajorMajor
Beaver Flow ModificationsMinorMinor
Beaver Flow ModificationsNoneNone
Beaver Flow ModificationsNot RecordedNot Recorded
Beaver SignsAbsentAbsent
Beaver SignsCommonCommon
Beaver SignsNot RecordedNot Recorded
Beaver SignsRareRare
Bridge FenceNoNo
Bridge FenceYesYes
Bridges, CulvertsHHigh
Bridges, CulvertsLLow
Bridges, CulvertsMMedium
Bridges, CulvertsNoneNone
Bridges, CulvertsNot RecordedNot Recorded
Burns Extent1 
Burns Extent2 
Burns Extent3 
Burns ExtentNot Recorded 
Burns Intensity1 
Burns Intensity2 
Burns Intensity3 
Burns IntensityNot Recorded 
Burns Proximity100-200m 
Burns Proximity1-5m 
Burns Proximity50-100m 
Burns Proximity5-50m 
Burns ProximityIn Channel 
Burns ProximityNot Present 
Burns ProximityNot Recorded 
CAFOs Extent1 
CAFOs Extent2 
CAFOs Extent3 
CAFOs ExtentNot Recorded 
CAFOs Intensity1 
CAFOs Intensity2 
CAFOs Intensity3 
CAFOs IntensityNot Recorded 
CAFOs Proximity100-200m 
CAFOs Proximity1-5m 
CAFOs Proximity50-100m 
CAFOs Proximity5-50m 
CAFOs ProximityIn Channel 
CAFOs ProximityNot Present 
CAFOs ProximityNot Recorded 
Cascade/FallsNot Present 
Cascade/FallsNot Recorded 
Cattle Grazing Intensity1 
Cattle Grazing Intensity2 
Cattle Grazing Intensity3 
Cattle Grazing IntensityNot Recorded 
Cattle GrazingExtent1 
Cattle GrazingExtent2 
Cattle GrazingExtent3 
Cattle GrazingExtentNot Recorded 
Cattle GrazingProximity100-200m 
Cattle GrazingProximity1-5m 
Cattle GrazingProximity50-100m 
Cattle GrazingProximity5-50m 
Cattle GrazingProximityIn Channel 
Cattle GrazingProximityNot Present 
Cattle GrazingProximityNot Recorded 
Channel Constraining FeatureBedrockBedrock
Channel Constraining FeatureHillslopeHillslope
Channel Constraining FeatureHuman Bank AlterationsHuman Bank Alterations
Channel Constraining FeatureNo Constraining FeaturesNo Constraining Features
Channel Constraining FeatureNot RecordedNot Recorded
Channel Constraining FeatureTerraceTerrace
Channel ConstraintBroad ValleyChannel is in broad valley
Channel ConstraintNarrow ValleyChannel is in narrow valley but is not very constrained
Channel ConstraintNot RecordedNot Recorded
Channel ConstraintUnconstrainedChannel is unconstrained in broad valley
Channel ConstraintV-shaped valleyChannel is very constrained in V-shaped valley
Channel EngineeredNoNo
Channel EngineeredYesYes
Channel Grasses<5 
Channel Grasses>75 
Channel Grasses25-50 
Channel Grasses50-75 
Channel Grasses5-25 
Channel GrassesNot Present 
Channel GrassesNot Recorded 
Channel NonWoody Veg<5 
Channel NonWoody Veg>75 
Channel NonWoody Veg25-50 
Channel NonWoody Veg50-75 
Channel NonWoody Veg5-25 
Channel NonWoody VegNot Present 
Channel NonWoody VegNot Recorded 
Channel PatternAnastomosingAnastomosing (complex) channel
Channel PatternBraidedBraided channel
Channel PatternNot RecordedNot Recorded
Channel PatternOneOne channel
Channel UnitCACascade
Channel UnitDRDry Channel
Channel UnitFAFalls
Channel UnitGLGlide
Channel UnitNot RecordedNot Recorded
Channel UnitPPool, unspecified type
Channel UnitPBPool, Backwater
Channel UnitPDPool, Impoundment
Channel UnitPLPool, Lateral Scour
Channel UnitPPPool, Plunge
Channel UnitPTPool, Trench
Channel UnitRARapid
Channel UnitRIRiffle
Channel Woody Veg<5 
Channel Woody Veg>75 
Channel Woody Veg25-50 
Channel Woody Veg50-75 
Channel Woody Veg5-25 
Channel Woody VegNot Present 
Channel Woody VegNot Recorded 
ChannelizationNot RecordedNot Recorded
Chemical TreatmentHHigh
Chemical TreatmentLLow
Chemical TreatmentMMedium
Chemical TreatmentNoneNone
Chemical TreatmentNot RecordedNot Recorded
CollSub_PlantDead0Algae collected from zero (0) dead plant (including wood) substratum points
CollSub_PlantDead1Algae collected from one (1) dead plant (including wood) substratum points
CollSub_PlantDead2Algae collected from two (2) dead plant (including wood) substratum points
CollSub_PlantDeadNot RecordedNot Recorded
CollSub_PlantLive0Algae collected from zero (0) live plant (including wood) substratum points
CollSub_PlantLive1Algae collected from one (1) live plant (including wood) substratum points
CollSub_PlantLive2Algae collected from two (2) live plant (including wood) substratum points
CollSub_PlantLiveNot RecordedNot Recorded
CollSub_Rock0Algae collected from zero (0) rock (including concrete and consolidated sediment) substratum points
CollSub_Rock1Algae collected from one (1) rock (including concrete and consolidated sediment) substratum points
CollSub_Rock2Algae collected from two (2) rock (including concrete and consolidated sediment) substratum points
CollSub_RockNot RecordedNot Recorded
CollSub_SedSoft0Algae collected from zero (0) soft sediment substratum points
CollSub_SedSoft1Algae collected from one (1) soft sediment substratum points
CollSub_SedSoft2Algae collected from two (2) soft sediment substratum points
CollSub_SedSoftNot RecordedNot Recorded
ColorNot RecordedNot Recorded
CommercialNot RecordedNot Recorded
CompositionCoarse SandCoarse Sand
CompositionFine SandFine Sand
CompositionFine Sand/Course SandFine Sand/Course Sand
CompositionFine Sand/Silt/Claycombined Fine Sand/Silt/Clay
Compositionhard Pan ClayHard Pan Clay
CompositionNot RecordedNot Recorded
ConstructionNot RecordedNot Recorded
CPOMAbsentCoarse Particulate Organic Matter (CPOM) was absent (not present)
CPOMDryPoint was dry and CPOM was not assessed
CPOMNot RecordedNot Recorded
CPOMPresentCoarse Particulate Organic Matter (CPOM) was present
CroplandNot RecordedNot Recorded
Crops Irrigated Extent1 
Crops Irrigated Extent2 
Crops Irrigated Extent3 
Crops Irrigated ExtentNot Recorded 
Crops Irrigated Intensity1 
Crops Irrigated Intensity2 
Crops Irrigated Intensity3 
Crops Irrigated IntensityNot Recorded 
Crops Irrigated Proximity100-200m 
Crops Irrigated Proximity1-5m 
Crops Irrigated Proximity50-100m 
Crops Irrigated Proximity5-50m 
Crops Irrigated ProximityIn Channel 
Crops Irrigated ProximityNot Present 
Crops Irrigated ProximityNot Recorded 
Crops NonIrrigated Extent1 
Crops NonIrrigated Extent2 
Crops NonIrrigated Extent3 
Crops NonIrrigated ExtentNot Recorded 
Crops NonIrrigated Intensity1 
Crops NonIrrigated Intensity2 
Crops NonIrrigated Intensity3 
Crops NonIrrigated IntensityNot Recorded 
Crops NonIrrigated Proximity100-200m 
Crops NonIrrigated Proximity1-5m 
Crops NonIrrigated Proximity50-100m 
Crops NonIrrigated Proximity5-50m 
Crops NonIrrigated ProximityIn Channel 
Crops NonIrrigated ProximityNot Present 
Crops NonIrrigated ProximityNot Recorded 
Dairies Extent1 
Dairies Extent2 
Dairies Extent3 
Dairies ExtentNot Recorded 
Dairies Intensity1 
Dairies Intensity2 
Dairies Intensity3 
Dairies IntensityNot Recorded 
Dairies Proximity100-200m 
Dairies Proximity1-5m 
Dairies Proximity50-100m 
Dairies Proximity5-50m 
Dairies ProximityIn Channel 
Dairies ProximityNot Present 
Dairies ProximityNot Recorded 
Dam Extent1 
Dam Extent2 
Dam Extent3 
Dam ExtentNot Recorded 
Dam Intensity1 
Dam Intensity2 
Dam Intensity3 
Dam IntensityNot Recorded 
Dam Proximity100-200m 
Dam Proximity1-5m 
Dam Proximity50-100m 
Dam Proximity5-50m 
Dam ProximityIn Channel 
Dam ProximityNot Present 
Dam ProximityNot Recorded 
DamsNot RecordedNot Recorded
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Extent1 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Extent2 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Extent3 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation ExtentNot Recorded 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Intensity1 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Intensity2 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Intensity3 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation IntensityNot Recorded 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Proximity100-200m 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Proximity1-5m 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Proximity50-100m 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation Proximity5-50m 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation ProximityIn Channel 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation ProximityNot Present 
Debris Lines/Silt-Laden Vegetation ProximityNot Recorded 
DebrisLandUse_Industrial NoNo
DebrisLandUse_Industrial YesYes
DebrisLandUse_Residential NoNo
DebrisLandUse_Residential YesYes
Dike/Levee Extent1 
Dike/Levee Extent2 
Dike/Levee Extent3 
Dike/Levee ExtentNot Recorded 
Dike/Levee Intensity1 
Dike/Levee Intensity2 
Dike/Levee Intensity3 
Dike/Levee IntensityNot Recorded 
Dike/Levee Proximity100-200m 
Dike/Levee Proximity1-5m 
Dike/Levee Proximity50-100m 
Dike/Levee Proximity5-50m 
Dike/Levee ProximityIn Channel 
Dike/Levee ProximityNot Present 
Dike/Levee ProximityNot Recorded 
Direct Septic/Sewage Discharge Extent1 
Direct Septic/Sewage Discharge Extent2