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Friday, June 2, 2023

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205J_AET205J_AET_DiscoveryBayAET Discovery Bay Cyanobacteria ManagementAquatic EcoTechnologies Assessment of nutrients and potential for cyanobacteria management in Discovery Bay
401 CertAdobeSprings_MRPAdobe Springs Monitoring and Reporting ProgramAdobe Springs Monitoring and Reporting Program
401 CertRWQCB9San Diego Region Water Quality Control BoardMonitoring required be a 401 water quality certification issued by RWQCB9
401 CertTCSRTrabuco Creek Stream Rehabilitation ProjectTrabuco Creek Restoration 401 WQ Certification Monitoring
ASBSASBS-DIS_2013ASBS Regional Discharge MonitoringASBS Regional Discharge Monitoring and Assessment
BCHPBCHP_FERC_Project619Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project FERC Project 619Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project FERC Project 619
BVR_FISHBVR_Clear_Lake_FishClear Lake Fish Cyanotoxin StudyBVR study of cyanotoxins in Clear Lake fish and shellfish
CBHP16_CB_BMICB Aqua Macroinvert Mon Plan FERC Proj 2155_2016CB Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Plan FERC Project 2155 (2016)
CCOSPCCOSP_ACalabazas Creek OSP AssessmentCalabazas Creek OSP Assessment
CDFW_CannabisCDFW_Cannabis_CEMAFCDFW Cannabis CA Env Mon & Assessment FrameworkCDFW Cannabis CA Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Framework to support SB 94 and the overarching mission of the CDFW, this monitoring will assess the direct and indirect effects of land uses on terrestrial and aquatic species and their habitats
CDFW_FISHERIESCDFW_Fisheries_PWCCDFW Fisheries Paired Watershed ComparisonResponsible for determining impacts associated with cannabis cultivation on anadromous and aquatic resources
CDFW_FISHERIESCDFW_PineCrCDFW Pine Creek Susan RiverCDFW Pine Creek Susan River
CL_TMDLCL_TMDLColorado Lagoon TMDL Compliance Monitoring 
COLB_WMPCOLB_IMPCity of LB Integrated Monitoring for MS4 PermitCity of Long Beach Integrated Monitoring for MS4 Permit
CVPIAAFRPAnadromous Fish Restoration ProgramDOI tasked to implememnt a program to double natural production of anadromous fish in Central Valley rivers and streams
CVPIACDFW_Car_FireCDFW led Car Fire Assessment 2018 
CVSALTSCVSALTS_MUN_EAWBCV-SALTS MUN Evaluation in Ag Water BodiesCV-SALTS MUN Evaluation in Agriculture Water Bodies
CWSCCWSC_EDTU_CRWQMPEDTU Cosumnes River WQ Monitoring ProgramEl Dorado Trout Unlimited Cosumnes River Water Quality Monitoring Program
DeltaDIM_RB5Delta Island Monitoring Project RWQCB5 
DeltaNCBED_RB5Nutrient-Biological Effects in Sac-SJ Delta 2010Nutrient Concentrations and Biological Effects in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta July 2010
Delta_RMPDRMP_CUPDelta RMP - Current Use PesticidesDRMP's Current Use Pesticide component collects monthly water samples for chemical analysis and toxicity testing
Delta_RMPDRMP_HgDelta RMP - MercuryDRMP's Mercury component consists of annual sport fish sampling at six sites and quarterly water sampling at 5 of these sites.
Delta_RMPDRMP_PATDelta RMP - PathogensDRMP's pathogen component collects monthly water samples for analysis of LT2 pathogens Cryptosporidium and Giardia
DFW_ABLMCNRACalifornia Natural Resources Agency MonitoringCalifornia Natural Resources Agency Augmentation of the PSA Program Targeting Private Timber Land
DFW_ABLMHelix_EnvironmentalHelix EnvironmentalHelix Environmental
DFW_ABLMNPS_MEDNNPS Mediterranean Coasts NetworkNPS Mediterranean Coasts Network
DFW_ABLMPostFire_LittleCreekPost-fire examination of Little Creek Watershed 
DOT_NPDESDOT_NPDES_MONCA Dept of Transit NPDES Monitoring 2014-2015Compliance with SWRCB Order No. 2012-0011-DWQ, California Department of Transportation Statewide NPDES Permit for the 2014-20105 storm season.
DPR_SWRCBDPR_SWSDPR Surface Water Study 
DWR_EABDWR_WRDept Water Resources Watershed RestorationA multi-year study to monitor watershed restoration projects
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2000EPA EMAP - 2000EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 2000
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2001EPA EMAP - 2001EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 2001
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2002EPA EMAP - 2002EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 2002
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2003EPA EMAP - 2003EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 2003
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2004EPA EMAP - 2004EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 2004
EPA_NLAEPA_NLA_2012EPA National Lakes Assessment 2012EPA National Lakes Assessment 2012
EPA_NRSAEPA_NRSAEPA National Rivers and Streams AssessmentEPA National Rivers and Streams Assessment
FERC_ComplianceMonitoringPGE_ProjectPoe2107PGE Feather River- Project Poe 2107PGE Feather River Project Poe 2107 macroinvertebrate monitoring
FMLCWRD_PostFireLake County Post Fire MonitoringPost-fire water quality monitoring by Lake County Water Resources Department
FMLECFMCity of Lake Elsinore Fire Monitoring 
FMRWB5_FireRWB5 Post Fire Monitoring 
FMPFMPFish Mercury ProjectFish Mercury Project
FRWMFRWM_LCCFRWM Last Chance Creek Prop 50 GrantFeather River Watershed Monitoring Program Last Chance Creek Proposition 50 Grant
FRWMFRWM_RCCFRWM Red Clover Confluence Prop 13 and 50 GrantFeather River Watershed Monitoring Program Red Clover Confluence Proposition 13 and 50 Grant
GBPGBPGrasslands Bypass ProjectThe Project prevents discharge of subsurface agricultural drainage water into wildlife refuges and wetlands in central California.
HCP Compliance MonitoringHCP_BMI_MonitoringHabitat Conservation Plan_BMI_MonitoringHabitat Conservation Plan_Benthic Macroinvertebrate_Monitoring
ICARE_MonitoringICARE_BMI_SurveysICARE BMI SurveysInstitute for Conservation, Advocacy, Research, and Education (ICARE) Benthic Macroinvertebrate (BMI) surveys
ILRPILRP5_AgWaiverAg Waiver RWQCB5 
ILRPILRP5_BVCBuena Vista Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_CRCCalifornia Rice Commission 
ILRPILRP5_CWDCawelo Water DistrictCawelo Water District
ILRPILRP5_ESJWQCEast San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_GLCGoose Lake Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_KBWQAKaweah Basin Water Quality AssociationKaweah Basin Water Quality Association
ILRPILRP5_KERNRWQAKern River Watershed Coalition AuthorityKern River Watershed Coalition Authority
ILRPILRP5_KINGSRWCAKings River Watershed Coalition AuthorityKings River Watershed Coalition Authority
ILRPILRP5_MERIDMerced Irrigation District 
ILRPILRP5_MODIDModesto Irrigation District 
ILRPILRP5_OIDOakdale Irrigation District 
ILRPILRP5_RPPRice Pesticide ProgramRice Pesticide Program
ILRPILRP5_SJCDWQCSan Joaquin County Delta Water Quality CoalitionSan Joaquin County and Delta Water Quality Coalition
ILRPILRP5_SLWDSan Luis Water District 
ILRPILRP5_SSJIDSouth San Joaquin Irrigation District 
ILRPILRP5_SSJWQCSouthern San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_SVWQCSacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_TBWQCTule Basin Water Quality CoalitionTule Basin Water Quality Coalition
ILRPILRP5_TIDTurlock Irrigation District 
ILRPILRP5_WSCWestlands Stormwater Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_WSJRWCWestside San Joaquin River Watershed Coalition 
ILRPILRP5_WWQCWestside Water Quality Coalition Westside Water Quality Coalition
ILRPILRP9_FrogR9 Irrigated Lands Reg. Prgm., Frog Environmental 
ILRPILRP9_USMILGUpper Santa Margarita Irrigated Lands Group 
KBMPKHSAKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement MonitoringKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring
LALB_TMDL_CompAQLALB_TMDL_TissueHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Tissue SamplingHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Tissue Sampling
LHILehigh_RSWLehigh Receiving Water Monitoring 
Morro_Bay_NEPMBNEP_MonitoringMorro Bay NEP Monitoring ProgramMorro Bay National Estuary Program's Monitoring Program
NBWBTMPRWB8_NBWBTMPNewport Bay Watershed Bio Trend Monitor Prgm RWB8A multi-year study of tissue monitoring for the San Diego Creek/Newport Bay watershed that can be used for TMDL development, implementation, trend analysis, listing/delisting, and beneficial use assessment
NPDESCity of Sutter CreekCity of Sutter Creek 
NPDESNPDES_WWNPDES Wastewater Monitoring 
NPDESSDR-NPDESSan Diego Region NPDESNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for the Discharge of Lanthanum-Modified Clay to Surface Waters of the United States in the San Diego Region
NPDESSonomaCounty_SMCSonoma County Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionSonoma County Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Phase I MS4 permit
OC_NPDES_MS4_MPOC_NPDES_MS4_MP_SDRSan Diego Region MonitoringOCPW Monitoring for Region 9
OC_TMDLOC_SAR_TMDLOCPW Santa Ana Region TMDL ProgramsOCPW Santa Ana Region TMDL Programs
PRISMPRISM_SV_BMPPRISM - SacValleyPestBMPImplementationProgramSacramento Valley Pesticide Best Management Practice Implementation Program
Prop 1Prop1_RWQCB5SDeltaCyanotoxinsRegion 5S Delta CyanotoxinsProp 1 funded cyanotoxin study in the Delta
PROP50Prop50_SJCDWQCProposition 50 Grant for SJCDWQC 
PROP50Prop50_UCDProposition 50 Grant for Sutter County 
Prop84SDRPF _P84_BCSDRFP Prop 84 Boulder CreekFunded through a Prop 84 state grant this project seeks to provide terrestrial and aquatic monitoring and assessment data for Boulder Cedar and Conejos creeks in the headwaters of the San Diego River Watershed
PVP-CIMPPVPWMG_RW_MS4PVPWMG Receiving Water Monitoring - MS4 PermitPVPWMG Receiving Water Monitoring for MS4 Permit
QANot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
RC_NPDES_MS4_MPRC_NPDES_MS4_MP_SARSanta Ana RegionSanta Ana Region
RWQCB9R9_NS_LosPenBacFY1819RWQCB9 Bacterial Source TrackingBacterial source tracking in Los Penasquitos watershed
RWQCB9RWB9_SurfaceWaterRWQCB9 Surface Water MonitoringSurface/receiving water monitoring for RWQCB9 programs
Salinas_StormRWB3_Salinas_StormRWB3 Salinas Stormwater ProjectRegional Water Board 3 Salinas Stormwater Project
SBMPSuisunBayMonitoring _BACWASuisunBayMonitoring _BACWA 
SBMPSuisunBayMonitoring _RWB2Suisun Bay Monitoring Project RWB2Suisun Bay Monitoring Project conducted by RWB2
SCCWRPSCCWRP_DEPWET_PilotSCCWRP Depressional Wetlands Pilot StudySCCWRP Depressional Wetlands Pilot Study
SCCWRPSCCWRP_MonitoringSCCWRP MonitoringSCCWRP Monitoring
SCCWRPSCCWRP_NPSSSCCWRP NonPerennial Stream StudySCCWRP NonPerennial Stream Study
SCCWRPSDCounty_RefSan Diego County Reference StudySan Diego County Reference Study
SCSMCRWB4_SMCRWB4 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionRWB4 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Project
SCSMCRWB8_SMCRWB8 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionRWB8 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Project
SCSMCRWB9_SMCRWB9 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionRWB9 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Project
SCSMCSMC_SoCalSo. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionSo. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition
SDRPF_MPSDRPF_MP_BASan Diego River Park Foundation Monitoring Prgm BABioassessment analyses performed by San Diego River Park Foundation staff and volunteers in the San Diego River Watershed
SJCRK_PilotRWB4_USJCUpper San Jose Creek Pilot StudyA multi- year study of the Water Quality of the Upper San Jose Creek, after focused enforcement of the Industrial General Permit for Stormwater Discharge.
SJWMPLF_FTSLake Elsinore Tissue DDT & PCB 
SMCRWMSMCRWMSMC Regional Watershed MonitoringStormwater Monitoring Coalition Regional Watershed Monitoring
SMUD_UARP15_UARP_AlgaeAlgae Monitoring Plan (2015) 
SMUD_UARP16_UARP_BMIUARP Aqua Macroinvert Mon Plan FERC Proj 2101_2016UARP Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Plan FERC Project 2101 (2016)
SMUD_UARPUARP_FishWQ Monitoring Plan Section 5.6 (2015)UARP Metals Bioaccumulation in Fish
SPI_ResearchSPI_ResearchSierra Pacific Industries ResearchSierra Pacific Industries Research
SWAMPCal_Fire_SF_Caspar_CrCal. Fire SF Caspar CrCal. Fire SF Caspar Creek
SWAMPRWB1_IRLandsSWAMP RWB1 Irrigated Lands MonitoringSWAMP RWB1 Irrigated Lands Monitoring
SWAMPRWB1_MonitoringSWAMP RWB1 MonitoringSWAMP RWB1 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB2_DEPWETRWB2 Depressional Wetlands StudyRWB2 Depressional Wetlands Study
SWAMPRWB2_MonitoringSWAMP RWB2 MonitoringSWAMP RWB2 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMPCentral Coast Ambient Monitoring ProgramCentral Coast Ambient Monitoring Program
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_CCSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Coastal ConfluencesSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Coastal Confluences
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_PajSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Pajaro and Santa Cruz AreaSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Pajaro and Santa Cruz Area
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_StBarbSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Barbara RotationSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Barbara Rotation
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_StLuciSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Lucia RotationSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Barbara Rotation
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_StMariSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Maria RotationSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Maria Rotation
SWAMPRWB3_HABsRWB3 Water Board Harmful Algal Bloom MonitoringCentral Coast Water Board Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring_ongoing monitoring
SWAMPRWB4_DEPWETRWB4 Depressional Wetlands StudyRWB4 Depressional Wetlands Study
SWAMPRWB4_MonitoringSWAMP RWB4 MonitoringSWAMP RWB4 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB5_MonitoringSWAMP RWB5 MonitoringSWAMP RWB5 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB6_MonitoringSWAMP RWB6 MonitoringSWAMP RWB6 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB6_Monitoring_FHABFHAB Mitigation Measure Effectiveness MonitoringA study to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation technology to manage harmful algal blooms.
SWAMPRWB7_MonitoringSWAMP RWB7 MonitoringSWAMP RWB7 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB8_DEPWETRWB8 Depressional Wetlands StudyRWB8 Depressional Wetlands Study
SWAMPRWB8_MonitoringSWAMP RWB8 MonitoringSWAMP RWB8 Monitoring
SWAMPRWB9_DEPWETRWB9 Depressional Wetlands StudyRWB9 Depressional Wetlands Study
SWAMPRWB9_MonitoringSWAMP RWB9 MonitoringSWAMP RWB9 Monitoring
SWAMPSWAMP_BioaccumulationSWAMP Bioaccumulation Monitoring ProgramSWAMP Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program
SWAMPSWAMP_CHABSWAMP CyanoHAB Emergency MonitoringEmergency monitoring for CyanoHAB response
SWAMPSWAMP_CMAPSWAMP California Monitoring and Assessment ProgramSWAMP California Monitoring and Assessment Program
SWAMPSWAMP_DryStreamSWAMP Dry StreamSamples collected to evaluate biological indicators to assess the condition of dry, intermittent and ephemeral streams
SWAMPSWAMP_FHABSWAMP Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms(HAB) ProgramSWAMP Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms(HAB) Program
SWAMPSWAMP_FieldRepeatSWAMP Repeat Sampling Field Methods ComparisonSWAMP Repeat Sampling Field Methods Comparison
SWAMPSWAMP_LowGradSWAMP Low Gradient Methods ComparisonSWAMP Low Gradient Methods Comparison
SWAMPSWAMP_MonitoringSWAMP MonitoringSWAMP Monitoring
SWAMPSWAMP_Monitoring_PassiveSamplerSWAMP Passive SamplerWQ Monitoring at a Delta Integrator Site by deploying ChemCatcher passive sampler using C18 and HLB disks.
SWAMPSWAMP_OceanAcidSWAMP Ocean Acidification StudySWAMP Ocean Acidification Pilot Study 2012
SWAMPSWAMP_PSASWAMP Perennial Stream SurveysSWAMP Perennial Stream Surveys
SWAMPSWAMP_RCMPSWAMP Reference Condition Management PlanSWAMP Reference Condition Management Plan
SWAMPSWAMP_Sportfish_CoastalSWAMP Sportfish Coastal ZonesSWAMP Sportfish Coastal Zones
SWAMPSWAMP_Sportfish_LakesSWAMP Sportfish Contamination in Lakes and ResrvSWAMP Sportfish Contamination in Lakes and Reservoirs
SWAMPSWAMP_Sportfish_RiversSWAMP Sportfish Rivers and StreamsSWAMP Sportfish Rivers and Streams
SWAMPSWAMP_SPoTSWAMP Stream Pollution TrendsSWAMP Stream Pollution Trends
SWAMPSWAMP_Wildlife_LakesSWAMP Wildlife Contamination in Lakes and ResrvSWAMP Wildlife Contamination in Lakes and Reservoirs
TERC-LTMLTERC-LTMC-RWQCBLake Tahoe Monitoring - LahontonTERC-TLML monitoring includes: periphyton (attached algae); phytoplankton species; algal growth potential tests
TMDLChollas_Metals_TMDLChollas Creek Diazinon and Dissolved Metals TMDLChollas Creek Diazinon and Dissolved Metals TMDL
TMDLProj2_BactTMDL_SDBacteria TMDL 20 Beaches and CreeksBacteria TMDL 20 Beaches and Creeks
TMDLRWB2_Hg_Pilot_TestsRWB2 Pilot Tests of Mercury in ReservoirsRegional Water Board 2 Pilot Tests of Mercury in Reservoirs
TMDLRWB5_TMDLRWB5 TMDLRWB5 Total Maximum Daily Load
TMDLRWB6_TMDLRWB6 TMDLRWB6 Total Maximum Daily Load
TMDLRWB7_TMDLRWB7 TMDLRWB7 Total Maximum Daily Load
TMDLRWB8_TMDLRWB8 TMDLRWB8 Total Maximum Daily Load
TMDLTMDL_CV_PESTTotal Maximum Daily Load Central Valley Pesticides 
TMDLTMDL_SJR_OPTMDL San Joaquin River OrganophosphatesTotal Maximum Daily Load San Joaquin River Organophosphates
TMDLTMDL_SusanRiver_ToxTotal Maximum Daily Load Susan River ToxicityTotal Maximum Daily Load Susan River Toxicity
TRWCTRWCTruckee River Watershed CouncilTruckee River Watershed Council
TRWQMPTRWQMPTruckee River Water Quality Monitoring PlanTruckee River Water Quality Monitoring Plan
TSMPRWB6_TSMPRWB6 Toxic Substance Monitoring ProgramRWB6 Toxic Substance Monitoring Program
TUTRPTrout Unlimited Truckee River ProjectTrout Unlimited Truckee River Project 
USDOI_KDRSWAMP_USFWS_KlamathResSWAMP USFWS Klamath Reservoir StudySWAMP U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Klamath Reservoir Study
USFS_MISUSFS_MIS_LakesUSFS Management Indicator Species - LakesUS Forest Service Management Indicator Species (MIS) - Lakes
USFS_MISUSFS_MIS_StreamsUSFS Management Indicator Species - StreamsUS Forest Service Management Indicator Species (MIS) - Streams
VCSQMPVCSQMPVentura Countywide Stormwater Quality Mgmt ProgramVentura Countywide Stormwater Quality Mgmt Program
Willits_BypassWillits_MRPWillits Bypass Monitoring and Reporting ProgramCompliance monitoring and reporting for the Willits Bypass Project
WRA_MonitoringOKMUCPPOak Knoll Mixed Use Community Plan ProjectThe Oak Knoll Mixed Use Community Plan Project is a proposal to create a mixed use development on approximately 188 acres largely comprised of a former decommissioned Naval Medical Center Oakland property at Oak Knoll
YWMPBRCMPBear River Citizen Monitoring ProgramBear River Citizen Monitoring Program
YWMPDCCMPDeer Creek Citizen Monitoring ProgramDeer Creek Citizen Monitoring Program