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205J_AETAET Water Quality Management Planning ProgramAquatic EcoTechnologies Water Quality Management Planning Program Research Grant
401 Cert401 CertificationMonitoring required by 401 Certifications issued by the Water Boards
Alvarado_Creek_RestorationAlvarado Creek RestorationAlvarado Creek Restoration
ASBSSpecial Protections for Areas of Special Bio SigASBS Regional Reference Site Monitoring Assessing Natural Water Quality
BCHPBucks Creek Hydroelectric ProjectBucks Creek Hydroelectric Project
BVR_FISHBig Valley Rancheria Fish Tissue StudyBig Valley Rancheria Clear Lake fish tissue analysis
CBHPChili Bar Hydroelectric Proj Ecological MonitoringMonitoring and reporting requirements in suppor of the Chili Bar Hydroelectric Project license P-2155
CCOSPCalabazas Creek OSPCalabazas Creek Open Space Preserve
CCWQP_CMPCentral Coast Coop Monitoring Program for AgCentral Coast Cooperative Monitoring Program for Agriculture
CDFW_CannabisCDFW Cannabis ProgramCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife Cannabis Program
CDFW_FISHERIESCDFW_FISHERIESCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Branch
CDFW_OSPRCDFW_OSPRCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response
CL_TMDLColorado Lagoon TMDL Compliance MonitoringColorado Lagoon Total Maximum Daily Load Compliance Monitoring
COLB_WMPCity of Long Beach - Integrated Monitoring ProgramIntegrated Monitoring Program for the City of Long Beach and Port of Long Beach; Eastern San Pedro Bay and Long Beach Harbor
CT_MLRCalifornia Trout, Mt. Lassen RegionCalifornia Trout operations in the Mount Lassen Region, Chico office
CVPIACentral Valley Project Improvement ActCentral Valley Project Improvement Act mandates changes in management of the Central Valley Project particularly for the protection restoration and enhancement of fish and wildlife
CVSALTSCV Salinity Alternatives Long-Term SustainabilityCentral Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Sustainability
CWSCCosumnes Watershed Stewardship CoalitionCosumnes Watershed Stewardship Coalition
DeltaDelta Monitoring RWQCB5 
Delta RMPDelta Regional Monitoring ProgramThe Delta RMP provides coordinated Deltawide monitoring, reporting, and assessment of water quality.
DFW_ABLMDFW Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory MonitoringDFW Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory Monitoring
DOT_NPDESCA Department of Transportation NPDES PermitOrder No. 2012-0011-DWQ, NPDES Statewide Stormwater Permit
DPR_SWRCBDPR-SWRCB Joint Surface Water StudiesJoint Surface Water Studies Between DPR and Water Boards
DWR_EABDWR Environmental Assessment BranchDepartment of Water Resources Environmental Assessment Branch
EPA_EMAPEPA Environmental Monitoring & Assessment ProgramEPA Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Program
EPA_NLAEPA National Lakes AssessmentEPA National Lakes Assessment
EPA_NRSAEPA National Rivers and Streams AssessmentEPA National Rivers and Streams Assessment
EPA_WPDEPA Wetlands Program DevelopmentEPA Wetlands Program Development
FERC_ComplianceMonitoringFERC Compliance MonitoringFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Compliance Monitoring
FISHBIOFISHBIOFisheries and Environmental Consulting Company
FMFire MonitoringWater quality monitoring in relation to fires
FMPFish Mercury ProjectGoals of the project (2005-2007) were to examine mercury in fish in the Bay-Delta watershed, to increase public awareness of fish contamination issues, and to monitor potential changes in mercury concentrations from marsh restoration projects.
FRWMFeather River Watershed Monitoring ProgramFeather River Watershed Monitoring Program
GBPGrasslands Bypass ProjectThe Project prevents discharge of subsurface agricultural drainage water into wildlife refuges and wetlands in central California.
HCP Compliance MonitoringHabitat Conservation Plan Compliance MonitoringHabitat Conservation Plan Compliance Monitoring
ICARE_MonitoringInst Conservation Advocacy Research Edu MonitoringInstitute for Conservation, Advocacy, Research, and Education (ICARE) Monitoring
ILRPIrrigated Lands Regulatory ProgramIrrigated Lands Regulatory Program
KBMPKlamath Basin Monitoring ProgramKalmath Basin Monitoring Program
LALB_TMDL_CompAQHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance MonitoringGateway Water Management Authority Harbor Toxics TMDL Compliance
LHILehigh Receiving Water MonitoringLehigh Receiving Water Monitoring
LTNSHHLake Tahoe Nearshore Human HealthMonitoring water quality for human health constituents including FIB and HAB
Morro_Bay_NEPMorro Bay National Estuary ProgramMorro Bay National Estuary Program
NBWBTMPNewport Bay Watershed Bio Trend Monitoring PrgmNewport Bay Watershed Bioaccumulation Trend Monitoring Prgm
NPDESNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination SystemNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
NPDES_MS4Municipal Stormwater Monitoring ProgramsMonitoring in compliance with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits
NPSNon Point SourceSWRCB Non Point Source
OC_NPDES_MS4_MPOrange County NPDES MS4 Monitoring ProgramWater quality and special studies conducted under Orange County MS4 NPDES permits
OC_TMDLOrange County TMDL ProgramsOrange County TMDL Programs
OCWROrange County Waste and RecyclingCounty of Orange Waste and Recycling Program
OXN_PW_SDOxnard City, Public Works, Special DistrictsCity of Oxnard, Public Works Department, Special Districts Division
PRISMPRISM Grant ProgramPesticide Research and Investigation of Source Mitigation (PRISM) Grant Program
Prop 1Proposition 1Proposition 1 established general obligation bonds to provide grants for water projects including surface and groundwater storage, ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration, and drinking water protection.
PROP50Proposition 50 
Prop84Proposition 84Program instituted for safe water supply and quality, flood control, park improvements and natural resource protection.
PVP-CIMPPalos Verdes Peninsula Cities CIMPPalos Verdes Peninsula Cities Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program (CIMP)
QAAssociated QAQuality Assurance samples associated with other programs
RC_NPDES_MS4_MPRiverside County NPDES MS4 Monitoring ProgramWater quality and special studies monitoring are required elements of our three Riverside County MS4 NPDES Permits and this data is an attempt to comply with those Permits while working toward improving water quality.
Region8-SAR3MonitoringReg 8 Santa Ana River Reach 3 Monitoring ProgramReg 8 Santa Ana River Reach 3 Monitoring Program
RWQCB7_SSRegion 7 Salton Sea MonitoringAll Region 7 Salton Sea ambient monitoring activities not covered by SWAMP
RWQCB9San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board 9 
Salinas_StormCity of Salinas Stormwater Monitoring ProgramCity of Salinas Stormwater Monitoring Program
SBMPSuisun Bay Monitoring ProjectSuisun Bay Monitoring Project
SCBPSouthern California Bight ProgramCollaborative program that assesses CA's coastal waters and evalutes pollution levels, shoreline monitoring, and the effects of runoff.
SCCWRPSouthern CA Coastal Water Research ProgramSouthern CA Coastal Water Research Program
SCSMCSouthern CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionA program of collective effects to manage, maintain and protect California's precious water resources as well as saving for benefical present and future use.
SDRPF_MPSan Diego River Park Foundation Monitoring ProgramSan Diego River Park Foundation Water Monitoring Program in San Diego Watershed
Sites_Reservoir_Aquatic_Study_PlanSites Reservoir Aquatic Study Plan 
SJCRK_PilotSan Jose Creek Pilot ProjectWater quality samples collected in Upper San Jose Creek
SJWMPSan Jacinto Watershed-wide Monitoring ProgramSan Jacinto Watershed-wide Monitoring Program
SMCRWMSW Mon Coalition Regional Watershed MonitoringStormwater Monitoring Coalition Regional Watershed Monitoring
SMUD_UARPUARP Ecological MonitoringMonitoring and reporting requirements in support of the Upper American River Project FERC license P-2101
SPI_ResearchSierra Pacific Industries ResearchSierra Pacific Industries Research
SWAMPSurface Water Ambient Monitoring ProgramSurface Water Ambient Monitoring Program
TERC-LTMLTERC Lake Tahoe Monitoring for Lahonton RWQCBEnvironmental Monitoring to Support Resource Management Actions at Lake Tahoe by the Lahonton RWQCB
TMDLTotal Maximum Daily LoadTotal Maximum Daily Load
TRWCTruckee River Watershed CouncilTruckee River Watershed Council
TRWQMPTruckee River Water Quality Monitoring PlanTruckee River Water Quality Monitoring Plan
TSMPToxic Substance Monitoring ProgramToxic Substance Monitoring Program
TUTRPTrout Unlimited Truckee River ProjectTrout Unlimited Truckee River Project
USDOI_KDRU.S. DOI Klamath Dam Removal U.S. Department of the Interior Klamath Dam Removal
USFS_MISUSFS Management Indicator SpeciesUS Forest Service Management Indicator Species
VCSQMPVentura Countywide Stormwater Quality Mgmt ProgramVentura Countywide Stormwater Quality Mgmt Program
Willits_BypassWillits Bypass ProjectCaltrans Highway 101 Willits Bypass Project
WRA_MonitoringWetlands Research Monitoring ProgramWetlands Researc Environmental Consultants
YWMPYuba Watershed Monitoring ProjectYuba Watershed Monitoring Project citizen monitors