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Friday, June 2, 2023

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Algae_eDNABenthic algae eDNA sample
BlankSpBlank matrix spiked with analytes of interest, created in the laboratory
BottleBlankAn analyte-free water sample prepared in the lab and used to evaluate potential contamination due to sample container or lab cleaning methods.
CCBContinuous Calibration Blank
CCV Continuous Calibration Verification
CNDLNegative Control Dilution
CNEGClean water or sediment free of contaminants or test material used to determine test acceptability and as a baseline for gauging adverse effects among animals exposed to treatments.
CNPHClean water, sediment, or test material that is free of contaminants and has been altered to reflect the pH of a particular sample. CNPH are prepared to control for the potential effects of high or low pH on test organisms.
CNSLClean water, sediment or test material free of contaminants that has been altered to reflect the salinity or conductivity of a particular sample. CNSL are prepared to control for the potential effects of the salinity or conductivity on test organisms
CompBLDupComposite Blind Duplicate
CompositeUsed for Tissue Samples regardless of whether composite has one or more than one organism
CPOSPositive Control
CRMHomogeneous matrix that closely matches samples being analyzed with certified concentrations of analytes of interest purchased by the laboratory.
DIBlankperformed to check contamination in DI Water – water not from analyzing lab
EpiphyteUsed for the epiphyte fraction of an algae bioassessment taxonomy sample.
EquipBlankClean water pumped through new equipment, cleaned equipment after contamination, equipment for non-surface water, new lot of filters (metals), preserved (if appl.) and analyzed.Sample comment required:Type of equipment, where taken (lab or field)
FieldBlankClean water taken to field, transferred to container, preserved (if appropriate) and treated same as corresponding sample type during the sampling event.
FieldBLDupField Blind Duplicate
FieldBLDup_GrabField Blind Duplicate of a grab sample
FieldBLDup_IntField Blind Duplicate of an integrated sample
FieldBLDup_SplitField Blind Duplicatesample collected and then split to two separate jars
FieldExposA QA sample collected and left in the field for an extended period of time to test for changes in analyte concentration. Sample comment required for duration of exposure time
FieldSpEnvironmental or blank sample spiked with analytes of interest, created by the sampling crew or by submitting agency for its subcontracted lab
FieldSplitSingle sample collected and then split to two separate jars
FilterBlankClean water that is filtered in the same manner and through the same filter apparatus used for the sample.
GrabSingle sample
ICBInitial Calibration Blank
ICVInitial Calibration Verification
IntegratedCombined from multiple samples
IntegratedSplitCombined from multiple collections into one sample then split into separate subsamples
Invertebrate_eDNABenthic invertebrate DNA sample
LabBlankProcessed through the entire analytical procedure in a manner identical to the samples.
LCSAliquot of a reference matrix fortified (spiked) with known quantities of specific compounds and subjected to the entire analytical procedure to determine the accuracy of the method by measuring recovery
MacroalgaeUsed for the macroalgal fraction of an algae bioassessment taxonomy sample.
MicroalgaeUsed for the microalgal fraction of an algae bioassessment taxonomy sample.
MS1Matrix spike and matrix spike duplicate
MS2Matrix spike for Field Duplicate
MS3Matrix spike for Field Triplicate
MSBLDupMatrix spike for FieldBlind Duplicate
Not RecordedNot recorded
PCR_BlankPCR Blank. PCR reagents with DNA-free water used to check for contamination in PCR analyses.
PCR_Extraction_BlankPCR Extraction Blank. DNA-free water is filtered and extracted with reagents to check for contamination in the filtration/extraction process.
PreservBlankPerformed to check preservative prior to mixing with sample
QualitativeUsed for qualitative sampling where quantitative sample information is not expected
RFSTReference Stations have similar physical characteristics to monitoring stations, but contain low or non-detectable concentrations of contaminants. Used for statistical & biological comparisons to determine magnitude of toxicity in monitoring stations.
Sediment_eDNASediment DNA sample
TravelBlankClean water transported to site, handled like sample (never opened), and returned to lab for analysis.
UnspikedsampleUnspiked environmental sample
Water_eDNAWater DNA sample