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Friday, February 23, 2024

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List: TissueLookUp

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BFTHbody featherNeed SFEI to look at
BLDbloodNeed SFEI to look at
CLWclawclaw tissue only
FATadipose (fat tissue)Need SFEI to look at
FFTHflight featherNeed SFEI to look at
FILfilletfillet tissue only
FTHfeathersNeed SFEI to look at
FURfurNeed SFEI to look at
GUTgutsgut tissue only
HPThepatopancreas tissuehepatopancreas tissue only
LIVliverliver tissue only
NANot ApplicableNot Applicable, use for QA samples
NADSgonadgonadal tissue only
OTOotolithtissue type is otoliths; generally used for age analysis not chemical
OVAovaNeed SFEI to look at
SCLscalestissue type is scales from fish; generally used for age analysis not chemical
SFTNGsoft tissue without gonadsgenerally used for bivalves not fish
SFTWGsoft tissue (e.g. clams) with gonads intactgenerally used for bivalves not fish
TAILtail (tail of crustacean)tail tissue only
WHLwhole organismwhole organism including organs or skeleton if crustacean
WHLNSwhole organism no shellwhole organism including organs no shell if crustacean
WNGwhole without gutwhole body after removal of guts
WNHNTwhole without head and without tailwhole body after removal of head and tail
WNHTGwhole without Head, Tail and Gutswhole body after removal of head, tail and guts
WNTwhole without tailwhole body minus the tail
ZOOPLANKzooplanktoncomposite of zooplankton analyzed as tissue